S U E D E . A N K L E . B O O T S

Si es que de tal palo... jajajaj
Pero tranquis, no llaméis a la fiscalía del menores! jajaj estas fotos son de hace unas semanas, cuando no hacía frío!
Jimena ahora ya lleva leotardos ^_^
Me voy de puente a Ginebra... buen finde y besinesssss

Teaching legs like her mother ... jajajaj
But calm, do not call the prosecution of minors! jajaj these photos are from a few weeks ago, with her suede ankle boots when it was not cold!
Jimena has now tights ^ _ ^
I travel for a few days to Geneva ... good weekend and kisses

*Jacket:PRIMARK(old) *Boots:ZARA KIDS(old) *Dress:MADE BY HER GRANDMOTHER ^_^

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